There's a New .NET Web CMS For Mid-Sized Companies on the Market

Who says the web content management market is saturated? There's still plenty of opportunities for up and coming vendors, especially those aimed at the mid-sized market like Aptinet is.

Aptinet is not a new company in the Web CMS market. In fact, they have more than 14 years of experience in this sector and the newly-released WAVES2 CMS isn't their first attempt in this field. However, what makes this CMS a bit special is that they are a .NET platform for mid-sized companies and they give you not only the installable binaries but also the code.


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  • Features
    • AJAX Layer Manager
    • Content Sharing
    • Form Builder
    • Style Sheet Editor
    • Template Creation
    • Widget Library
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  • Widgets
    • Accordion Menu
    • Cascading Menu
    • Form Builder
    • Media Player
    • Rotating Message
    • Tab Strip
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  • Technology
    • System Requirements
    • Architecture
  • Support
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Video Tutorials
  • Pricing
    • Licensing Options
    • Software as a Service
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